I need help downloading my photos

Post Cruise Online Delivery details: 

1. You need to ensure you have received your welcome email which contains a secure link to log in to view your photos. 

2. These emails will be delivered within 4-7 days after your cruise has ended. Please check your spam/junk folder incase you do not see it.

3. If it is passed 7 business days and you cannot find your email please contact support by creating a ticket here with all your needed details

Accessing and downloading your photos

1. Once you have received your email you will be able to click your link, create a password and access your account

2. Once you are able to see your photos you are able to download all the photos that are "unlocked" where you see that there is no watermark on the photo.

3. If all your photos are unlocked and you have an all package see below examples of how you are able to "download all" your photos 

Unlock and download a single photo

If your photo is not unlocked you will not be able to download it, ensure you have credits to use and unlock the photo so you are able to download it. Below is an example of a photo being unlocked and downloaded.

On desktops and laptops the screen will typically show you the following and the photo will download to your downloads folder. 

Downloading all photos

If you have an All package, all your photos will be unlocked and ready to download, on the "All photos" view you will be able to "select all" and then download.

If you have a "limited package" of e.g. 10-20 photos you should view the "unlocked photos" view  the follow the same instructions below

Desktops and laptop view

1. "Select all" will select all your photos ready for download (note the above "view" if you have a limited package) 

2. "Download" hitting download will begin the process of compiling all your photos into a ZIP file and downloading it to your "download files on your computer.

Cell phone and tablet view (& smaller screen size laptops)

Most cell phones and tablets will not allow you to open ZIP files so it is recommended that you do not "download all" photos on these devices. However some smaller screen sizes will have he screen appear differently than the above so please see below what you will see on smaller screens to download "all".

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