I am missing some photos off my USB stick, what do I do?

It is possible that you added some photos to your disc late on the Saturday afternoon that did not make it on your disc. Don't worry we still have them.  Please raise a ticket here and we will trace them down for you.

How do I view my purchased photos?

Photos that you purchased onboard will be found in the "Purchased Photos" folder shown below.

I can't see any photos within my "Purchased Photos" folder

If you cannot see any photos within this folder then it is likely you did not "add your photos to USB" while onboard. Don't worry these photos are still available. You will need to open the "Our Cruise Photos Digital" application for your Windows or Mac computer, follow the install instructions on screen (takes aprox 2-3mins). 

My computer is asking to format my USB stick, what do I do?

If this happens to you simply click on the "scan and fix" option and it should resolve the error. If this does not appear and windows forces you please raise a ticket here and we will email your photos to you.

Can I buy more Photos? 

To view and buy more photos just install the "Our Cruise Photos" app on your USB stick by double clicking and following the steps on your Mac or PC. 

Kind regards,

Our Cruise Photos Support