No matter which package size of Digital Photos you purchase, all of your professional cruise photos will be on a disc that you take home at the end of your cruise. After installing the application on the disc, you can browse all of the photos you took onboard and 'unlock' the photos you wish to keep. Photos are watermarked until unlocked. You must be connected to the internet in order to unlock photos.

Need help installing the application? View help here

Unlock The photos you wish to keep:

If you did not purchase the unlimited package and you are unlocking your credits, you will need to select the photos you wish to unlock and confirm your choice before you can export them for emailing or printing. There is no time limit to unlock your photos from your disc. However, photos are only kept on the ship for up to 28 days after your sailing. If there is an issue with your disc, the ship will be unable to replace your disc after the 28 days has elapsed.


Once you have decided which photos to keep, you can easily export and save your photos to your desktop. If you are looking for help exporting your photos, try looking over here.

Printing & Sharing

After you have exported your photos, you can use them like any other digital photo file. Save to a USB and take to any photo retailer for printing, share via email with family and friends or upload to social networking sites. Your photos come with a copyright release which can be found here also.